Social Justice

For the Transformation of the World

Grow in your faith by helping others within our church and our community.

The Social Justice Team

The Social Justice Team believes the world is our parish. We will continue John Wesley’s vision to transform our community by pursuing God’s justice and love for all. Please indicate where you would like to help. Our task is to research the problem and educate the congregation by gathering presenters and educational materials about the social issues and educating and advertising programs through the newsletter. Ideally programs would be once a month immediately after church and could possibly lead to a project. If you would like to learn more about the Social Justice Team, please contact Pastor Heecheon Jeon or Joyce Marner.  


We work for Social Justice in the following areas:

LGBTQ+ Full Inclusion

The purpose of the LGBTQ group is to provide a welcoming atmosphere in our church for all people, especially people who identify as LGBTQ,  by use of education to our congregation and by providing concrete examples that all people are welcome in our church through visual items such as stoles and signage.


The reality of low wages and a rising cost of living is deeply felt in our community as evidence shows that the poverty rate here is 113.28% higher than the US average.  Twenty-seven percent of our community live in poverty. We will fight poverty within our local community and also strive to correct the systemic failures that lead to inequality.

Palestine-Israeli Conflict

Palestinians have lived in deteriorating conditions under Israeli occupation for 75 years with the complicity of the US government. Jesus taught us to live in peace and harmony with all of our brothers and sisters the world over. We will be advocating for equal rights for all Palestinians and Israelis.

Environment & Climate Change

Our planet is a gift from God that must be healed from past injuries created by human advancement and protected for the future. We will look for ways to limit our negative impact on our planet and to promote education and policies to combat climate change. Education and actions include but are not limited to recycling, elimination of plastics, reducing energy use, diet, land use, factory farms, Good Neighbors, water quality, immigration caused by climate, transportation transitions, population, mental health and trauma caused by the climate crisis.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an ugly fact of life. We are partnering with the Domestic Violence Intervention Program to support their program and services.