Our Vision and Mission

Worship, Serve, Grow

Our Vision

Our vision is that The First United Methodist Church and Wesley Foundation of Iowa City is a community of faith through which grace is offered to all and each person is empowered to impact the world for good.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

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Prevenient Grace:

"Grace is offered to all"

God's prevenient grace which is available to all through Worship/Music ministry and Hospitality Ministry.

Justifying Grace:

"Each person is empowered"

That is God's justifying/saving grace by which we are not only justified by faith in God but also empowered to be followers of Jesus Christ. This is connected to discipleship and spiritual formation through family ministry, collegiate ministry, and various small group ministries.

Sanctifying Grace:

"Impact the world for good"

This is God's sanctifying grace through which we are sent out to impact the world for good by Social Justice Ministry and Mission/Outreach Ministry.