Adult Sunday School

We are each on a journey of growing in our faith. You are invited to join with other members and friends of our church by getting involved in a small group to help yourself and others grow in your faith and life.   

Explorations in Faith 

Led by Robert Weir 

Meets: Sunday at 9:15AM in Room 3 

The Explorations in Faith class will begin its sixth year in 2014. We plan to continue our practice of spending most class sessions studying the Bible. We will also have some variety by discussing Christian beliefs and practices, Christian theology and ethics, and occasionally the beliefs and practices of other world religions.  

Legends: History Class 

Led by Lorna Cress  

Meets: Sunday at 9:15AM in Room 6 

The adult group, Legends, continues to meet all year. DVD’s of various interests and topics are used, generally in 30 minute venues, followed by discussion of the material presented. The class is presently concentrating on Comparative Religion.  All ages are welcome. 

Faith Seekers 

Led by Kae Tritle  

Meets: Sunday at 9:15AM in Room 9 

The Faith Seekers are currently studying Adam Hamilton's book The Way during the Lenten season.

Discipleship Bible Study

Led by Rev. Dr. Heecheon Jeon

Meets: Mondays at 6:30pm in Room 204

Disciple Bible Study is a committed study on the Bible and Christian theology to make disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world. By learning, practicing, and discipling for the kingdom of God, the 32 week long journey will prepare you to become disciples who are willing to share the good news that everyone can be transformed into a new being in Christ. Through this study journey, we will also delve into deeper questions on Christian life: How we live our lives as responsible Christians.