God Moves into the Neighborhood

Sunday, December 24, 2017 - 12:30

THIS SUNDAY is the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Pastor Barrie’s sermon, God Moves into the Neighborhood, will be based on John 1:1-14. You are then invited to join us for one of our Christmas Eve Worship Services, as we celebrate the Gift in the Manger. The schedule for these beautiful, candlelit services is as follows:

            2:30PM - A Christmas Eve Service at Oaknoll (Recreation Room). Christmas Carols at 2:00PM.

            5:00PM - A Children & Family Christmas Eve Service. Musical offering at 4:50PM.

            7:00PM - A Christmas Eve Service of Carols & Candles. Musical offering at 6:30PM.

            11:00PM - A Christmas Eve Service of Candles & Communion. Musical offering at 10:30PM.